Key administrators & organizational charts

Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Chancellor: Nicholas B. Dirks

  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost: Claude M. Steele
    Serves as the chief academic officer. Manages the campuswide budget process for schools, colleges, and other reporting units. Responsible for day-to-day campus operations, convenes vice chancellors to address cross-divisional issues.

Vice chancellors

  • Administration and Finance: Vice Chancellor John Wilton
    Oversees the campus budget, finances, and related processes. Serves the campus in the areas of human resources, procurement, campus safety, transportation, environment, recreation, counseling and health, and selected business services.
  • Equity & Inclusion: Vice Chancellor Gibor Basri
    Provides resources for building a diverse campus community and opportunities for research, teaching, learning, and educational support.
  • Real Estate: Vice Chancellor Bob Lalanne
    Oversees planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of all campus’s physical assets.
  • Research: Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming
    Manages Berkeley's research enterprise, maintains a campus research environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, and helps maximize the social benefits of UC Berkeley research.
  • Student Affairs: Vice Chancellor Harry Le Grande
    Provides services for current students, promotes outreach to prospective students, and carries out an admissions process that ensures the quality and diversity of the Berkeley student body.
  • Undergraduate Education: Cathy Koshland
    Develops and implements campus-wide teaching and learning initiatives and provides leadership in the coordination, development, implementation and administration of campus-wide undergraduate curricular enrichment, educational development and instructional technology programs.
  • University Relations: Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy
    Increases support and enhances knowledge of UC Berkeley through communications, public outreach, and fundraising.

Vice provosts


Organizational charts

Visual representations of UC Berkeley's administrative structure.

UC Berkeley is part of the University of California system and is governed by The Regents.

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