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Berkeley's Distinguished Teachers, 2010

Berkeley's Distinguished Teachers (2011)

"I had a phenomenal bunch of professors."
Gordon E. Moore, '50, Intel cofounder
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Conversations with History

Scientists, distinguished public figures, and UC Berkeley Nobel laureates discuss their lives, their work, the past, and our future. tv icon More >


The ratings game: We're no. 1, or 21!

Many publications rate universities. Berkeley consistently ranks among the best, and at the top of public universities. We've aggregated half a dozen sets of ratings, and leave it to you to rank their relevance. More >

Students sing faculty praises

 What makes a professor "heroic"? Stellar lectures and dinner invitations go a long way. But mostly, it's being available to listen and offering unfailing support for undergrads. More >
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America's top-rated research university

From vaccines to renewable energy to human rights, transformative ideas are forged here at Berkeley. More >
The Secret Lives of Faculty
Molly Van HouwelingOn the fast track: Copyright-law expert Molly Van Houweling has led Creative Commons and clerked for Supreme Court Justice David Souter. The perennial high achiever is now making her mark on the bicycle-racing circuit. More  >
Sports 101: Athletics is 'no sanctuary from drugs, racism and corruption' — but for sociologist Leora Lawton, studying it can still be fun. More  >
photo from cover of Paula Fass's family memoir Child of survivors: Once she was reluctant to tell her family's story — then it seemed she had to. Historian of childhood Paula Fass recounts a painful journey in her "second-generation memoir." More >
faculty mountaineerFaculty hobbies: Professors have lives, too. Meet a mountaineer, a singer, an aerial kite photographer, a trumpeter, and a horse breeder... More >
 Michael MangaHesitant Hottie: Brad, O.K. Jake, sure. But a Berkeley professor? Shocking. Michael Manga makes People's Sexiest Men Alive issue.