Research publications


Berkeley Coeus - Berkeley campus research funding reports: Annual funding by sponsor and by department from the Sponsored Projects Office.

California Management Review: Management journal from the Haas School of Business.

Contexts: Feature articles, essays, and news on social-science research findings.

Ethnography: International, interdisciplinary journal for the ethnographic study of social and cultural change.

Forefront: Semi-annual magazine of the College of Engineering.

Innovations: Monthly online newsletter featuring groundbreaking research at the College of Engineering

Research@Berkeley Magazine: Research news website of the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research.

Research Advocate: Newsletter for UC Berkeley researchers.

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Current information on nutrition, fitness, and self-care, from the School of Public Health.

By and for graduate students

Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice: A continuation of Berkeley Women's Law Journal, presenting research, analysis, and commentary concerning underrepresented women.

Berkeley Journal of Sociology: Annual journal primarily written by graduate students at Berkeley and other institutions.

Berkeley Planning Journal: Produced in collaboration among PhD Students at the Department of City and Regional Planning. Offers readers a collection of innovative and research-oriented articles written by emerging scholars.

Berkeley Science Review: Popular-science journal for non-experts.

By and for undergraduate students

Berkeley Chemical Review: Undergraduate research journal in chemical sciences, edited by graduate students and faculty.

Berkeley Scientific: Undergraduate research journal, featuring interviews with faculty members, reviews of recent scientific publications, and articles on current issues in science.

Berkeley Undergraduate Journal: Biannual publication showcasing exemplary undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences.

Triple Helix: Undergraduate journal of science, society, and law.

Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley (UJPB): An annual publication that allows undergraduate students who have completed scientific studies in psychology and psychology-related fields to publish their findings to the larger academic community.