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Thursday, 6 February 2014

1. Blog: How much time do tech buses spend blocking Muni stops? Study hopes to find out
San Francisco Chronicle

UC Berkeley graduate students Dan Howard and Mark Dreger are asking the public to capture video of tech shuttles to time how long the buses spend blocking Muni stops in San Francisco. They launched the study in response to the city’s decision to charge a fee to companies that use the stops to shuttle employees of Google and other tech companies to work. Full Story

2. Saving the Library
Inside Higher Ed

The faculty at UC Berkeley has set out to find alternative funding sources for all 25 library locations. Their plan calls for transferring funds from elsewhere in the university budget and contributions from individual faculty members’ research money, starting next year. “People expect us to have whatever they need, and that’s important for the retention of faculty,” said UC Berkeley librarian Lynn Jones, chair of the campus chapter of the Librarians’ Association of the University of California. Full Story

3. Chemical Study Becomes a Tale of Conspiracy and Paranoia
NPR Radio

UC Berkeley biologist Tyrone Hayes discusses his findings that atrazine, a common herbicide, affects sexual development in frogs and perhaps humans, and how he believes the pesticide manufacturer, Syngenta, has campaigned to discredit his findings. Full Story

4. Social media erupt over 'Biggest Loser' winner
Washington Post (*requires registration)

Nutritionist emeritus Joanne Ikeda comments on the reaction over the dramatic weight loss of Rachel Fredrickson, the winner of 'The Biggest Loser' show. She noted the widespread feelings of body dissatisfaction and encouraged people to embrace body-size diversity. "We should be happy we don't all look like Barbie and Ken," said Ikeda. Full Story

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