Software, hardware, and other personal-computing tools

  • CalNet ID: ID and passphrase needed to access many UC Berkeley online services.
  • Cal Student Store: Computers, accessories, and software
  • bConnected: Campus email, calendar, and file sharing for faculty, staff, and students.
  • AirBears: Campus wireless network.
  • bSpace: Online collaboration and learning environment.
  • IST Shopping Cart: Telephones and network connections.
  • Cal Voicemail: Voicemail services.
  • IT resources for people new to campus: CalNet (personal online ID), CalMail (e-mail account), collaborative workspaces, network access.
  • Software Central: Free downloads (with CalNet authentification) of essential campus security and communications applications.
  • SETI@home: Scientific experiment using internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Open to public participation.
  • BOINC: Software enabling you to volunteer the use of idle time on your computer, for research on global warming, disease cures, and many other subjects. Open to public participation.

Campus IT offices

Information Services and Technology (IST)

Chief Information Officer

Educational Technology Services (ETS): Classroom technology, including course websites, multimedia content, webcasting, and podcasting.

Residential Computing: Provides computer services in residence halls.

Computer Operations & Information Services : Part of Information Services and Technology, the technology planning and support arm of the campus's Administration unit.

Departmental On-site Computing Support

Workstation & Microcomputer Facilities

Berkeley Multimedia Research Center: An interdisciplinary group of artists, educators, professionals, and scientists who are experimenting with interactive multimedia technology in professional practice, scholarship, and education.

Letters & Science Computer Resources: Offers expertise in all areas of academic departmental computing, from desktop support, to web and database design, to complex Unix networks.

Assistance and training

Mailing lists, user groups and committees