National rankings & faculty honors

The national and international awards held by faculty underscore Berkeley's preeminence. A total of 22 faculty have been named Nobel Prize winners, including the eight who are current faculty members, along with 32 MacArthur Fellows and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners.

National and international awards held by faculty

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows 224
American Philosophical Society 39
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows 230
A. M. Turing (computing) 3
Fields Medal in Mathematics 3
Fulbright Scholars 77
Guggenheim Fellows 357
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators 17
Institute of Medicine members 11
MacArthur Fellows 32
National Academy of Education 7
National Academy of Engineering 94
National Academy of Sciences 141
National Medal of Science 13
National Poet Laureates 1
National Science Foundation Young Investigators Awards 61
Nobel Prize (current faculty members) 8
Polk Award in Journalism 5
Pulitzer Prizes 4
Shaw Prize 3
Sloan Fellows (young researchers) 118
Wolf Prizes in agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, physics, medicine and the arts 6